Georg Roell

Georg Roell

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Georg Roell is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at RANOVUS.

Prior to joining RANOVUS, Georg was a Distinguished Engineer and Senior Director of Operations at Cisco Systems. Until its acquisition by Cisco Systems in 2010, he was co-founder of CoreOptics and held positions as Chief Technology Officer, Vice President of Operations and Managing Director.

Before co-founding CoreOptics, Georg was Director of Lightwave Technology within the Optical Networking Group of Lucent Technologies at Holmdel, NJ, USA. Prior to this, he was director for hardware development for high-speed and high-capacity lightwave systems at Lucent in Germany. In both roles, he was instrumental in establishing and leading global design teams for high-speed and high-capacity transmission systems.

Georg received the Bell Labs Fellowship for his outstanding contribution to high-speed optical transmission systems.  He earned an Ingenieur graduate degree in telecommunications from the Ohm Polytechnikum in Nuremberg, Germany.

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