Hojjat Salemi

Hojjat Salemi

SVP of Silicon Technology

Mr. Hojjat Salemi is responsible for the Silicon Technology development and partnership at RANOVUS.

Prior to joining RANOVUS, Hojjat was the VP of Optical Transport at Inphi. He joined Inphi after Cortina Systems was acquired in October 2014, reporting directly to the CEO. He was instrumental on the success of Cortina’s acquisition into Inphi. Prior to Inphi, he was a co-founder of Cortina Systems. He was responsible for the P&L and growth of the Transport & HSIO Business Unit. Cortina Systems delivered several successful products to the market, OTN, SerDes, PON and Gateway devices that served a diverse global customer base.

Prior to Cortina, Hojjat was the CTO of Skystone, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in WAN connectivity for IP & Ethernet Datacom systems. Skystone was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1997 and has become a very successful R&D facility for Cisco in Ottawa, Canada. Before Skystone, he held various technical and management roles in Mitel, Fitel-PMX, NewBridge and Nortel Networks. He was responsible for delivering VLSI chips for a number of different applications, voice, frame relay, ATM, IP over WDM, and Sonet/SDH networks.

Hojjat received a Bachelor and Masters of Engineering at Ottawa University. In 2010 he was honoured with the 2010 Faculty of Engineering Alumni Award of Excellence from Ottawa University. He also holds a number of patents on a variety of topics relating to Transport systems and IC design.

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