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Ranovus Announces Availability of World’s First 200G CFP2 Direct Detect Optical Transceiver to Enable 38.4 Terabits per Data Center Interconnect Rack

Ranovus Announces Availability of World’s First 200G CFP2 Direct Detect Optical Transceiver to Enable 38.4 Terabits per Data Center Interconnect Rack

Based on disruptive Quantum Dot multi-wavelength laser and Silicon Photonics platform, Ranovus is introducing a CFP2 optical transceiver to address the growing demands of the data center interconnect market at 1/3 of the cost of coherent transceivers

Los Angeles, California – March 20, 2017 –

Ranovus Inc., a leading provider of multi-terabit interconnect solutions for data center and communications networks, today announced availability of a 200G CFP2 optical transceiver for the data center interconnect (DCI) market. The solution is designed to enable robust and cost-effective end-to-end scalable bandwidth connectivity for the DWDM metro network and cloud infrastructure markets for 80km and beyond. Ranovus’ optical transceiver is based on the company’s innovation in delivering a multi-wavelength Quantum Dot Laser (QDL), Ring Resonator based Silicon Photonic (SiP) modulators, Driver ICs as well as Receiver building blocks. It also incorporates an industry leading 56Gb/s PAM-4 PHY solution with high performance PAM-4 codec and FEC capability to support various network applications. Ranovus’ 200G CFP2 optical transceiver is form factor compatible with CFP2 DCO achieving the same shelf density for data center interconnect systems. 

 “We’re very proud of achieving the integration of an advanced 200G Direct Detect solution in a compact CFP2 form factor,” said Dr. Christoph Schulien SVP of Research and Development at Ranovus. “Our CFP2 product is based on our innovation in QDL, SiP and RF IC and integrates a leading PAM-4 PHY IC solution into our optics platform enabling the most advanced features to support today’s network deployments”.

Highlights of Ranovus’ CFP2 product features are:

  • Supporting DCI and metro access distances for 15km, 40km and 80km+ applications
  • Offering 96 DWDM channels in the C-band now and L-band in the future
  • Supporting 1.6 Tb/s 1RU Shelf Density
  • Form factor and compatible electrical interface with CFP2 DCO
  • 56Gb/s PAM4 PHY with multiple programmable FEC options to optimize link power and performance
  • Full diagnostics and self-monitoring capabilities to enable high-reliability networks

“We’ve received a tremendous response from the market on our product strategy to introduce a set of on-board optics as well as pluggable modules to support 200G and beyond Direct Detect solutions for the DCI market,” said Saeid Aramideh, Co-founder and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer at Ranovus. “Our CFP2 solution offers a disruptive value proposition in attaining the lowest cost compared to Coherent-based and other Direct Detect solutions and enables a compelling alternative to CFP2 DCO modules”.

“The performance, cost and power requirements of DCI make it the most demanding DWDM application. These requirements force customers to seek leading edge technology and Direct Detect technology is well suited to compete against coherent options for shorter reaches,” said Andrew Schmitt, founder and lead analyst at Cignal AI. “It is great to see the industry pushing forward with competitive solutions that can address high volume metro DCI applications.”

Come See Us at OFC 2017

Ranovus will be participating at OFC 2017 (Stand #1634) in Los Angeles, California, March 21-23, 2017. Contact Ranovus (info@ranovus.com) for additional information.

About Ranovus

Ranovus, with operations in Ottawa, Canada, Nuremberg, Germany and Mountain View, USA, develops and manufactures advanced solutions for the next generation of interconnects for the telecommunications and information technology industries. Our team has extensive experience in product development and commercialization of optoelectronics components and transceiver subsystems for the information technology industry.  Ranovus’ current disruptive portfolio includes Quantum Dot Multi-Wavelength Laser technology and advanced digital and photonics integrated circuit technologies that sets a new industry benchmark for the lowest power dissipation, size and cost for the next generation of optical interconnect solutions.

The company was founded in February 2012 and has received financing from leading venture capital firms including Azure Capital Partners, T-Venture, BDC Venture Capital, OMERS Ventures, MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, Sustainable Development Technology Canada and Export Development Canada.  Additional information about Ranovus can be found at www.ranovus.com.


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