The RANOVUS Quantum Dot Multi-Wavelength Laser (QD MWL) is a semiconductor laser that utilizes self-assembled quantum dots to generate multiple wavelengths simultaneously from a single device.  A single QD MWL device can provide up to 96 wavelengths in the C-band alone, allowing for the replacement of 96 individual lasers in an equivalent system.

QD MWL based solutions allow for a much simpler and compact interface design, resulting in lower power consumption and better performance when compared to an equivalent solution having multiple discrete lasers and components. The unique advantage of a QD MWL is its ability to provide multiple wavelengths simultaneously, each of which can be selected and used as a light source for data transmission at 100 Gbs/ lambda and beyond.


In recent years, photonic integration has become a key area of research and development for optical network equipment vendors wanting to reduce the cost and size of optical interfaces. Silicon technology and integration allows system vendors to replace expensive optical components with their silicon counterparts such as; modulators, multiplexer/demultiplexer, filters, attenuators, switches and detectors.

RANOVUS is using a unique approach in designing Silicon Photonics based devices by implementing optical modulation on micro-Ring Resonator architecture that enable high-speed modulation at data rates of up to 100Gbs / lambda.

These ring modulators act like a wavelength sensitive switch. When the ring is not in resonance, the optical signal passes straight through with minimal loss. Conversely, when the ring is resonant, the optical signal is coupled into the ring and is no longer passed through.  Modulators are fabricated with a silicon-on-insulator process using silicon waveguides that provide a natural vertical and lateral confinement via a ridge. Such ring resonators are ideal Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) building blocks and can be cascaded to construct WDM transceivers. In such a construct, each ring provides a multiplexing, demultiplexing and modulation operation in a geometry that’s well suited to extreme scaling of many channels.

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