Our passion is creating disruptive products that address the pressing need for high-capacity optical interconnect in next-generation data centres.

RANOVUS develops and manufactures advanced photonics interconnect solutions to support the next generation of AI/ML workloads in data centers and communication networks. Our team has extensive experience in product development and commercialization of optoelectronic subsystems for the information technology industry.

RANOVUS’ current disruptive portfolio includes Multi-Wavelength Quantum Dot Laser technology and advanced digital and silicon photonics integrated circuit technologies that set a new industry benchmark for the lowest power dissipation, size, and cost for the next generation of optical interconnect solutions. RANOVUS’ Odin™ platform is the enabling technology for a new data center architecture optimized for AI/ML workloads.

Led by a seasoned management team and a world-class team of technologists, RANOVUS is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and has major offices in Sunnyvale, CA, USA and Nürnberg, Germany.